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Living Presence - From Program Chair

A Note From our Program Committee

By Christine Sorensen, August 29, 2018

When our Board gathered in June to discern a theme for 2018-2019 I felt my usual sense of excitement to see where an openness to the Spirit would lead us.  After some intentional quiet time and discussion Living Presence was the answer to our process.

These are, yet again, interesting times to be lay ecclesial ministers.  We are reading and hearing the horrific news of both the resignation of Cardinal McCarrick and the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s report of at least 1000 children who are victims of clergy sexual abuse.  These stories follow 16 years after the tsunami in the Archdiocese of Boston and on the heels of the close of the bankruptcy here in our home Archdiocese.  And yet, we who love the Gospel struggle with this reality as we continue to choose to proclaim, in our various ministries, the love of our God.  As we hear in Acts 17:28 in God …”we live, move and have our being” - we are not unaware that we dwell in the Living Presence . It is my hope as the Program Chair that our programs will nourish, strengthen and embolden your spirits as we minister to God’s people.

We have some wonderful speakers who will be with us this year to explore this theme in ways that we trust will enrich all of us and our ministries.

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