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Living Presence-from our Chair

Letter from the Chair - Living Presence by Amy Chabot, July 3, 2018 God said to Moses, “I am who I am” (Exodus 3:14). This same presence of the living God dwells within each of us and all creation.  This is not new to any of us who make a living from staying in tune with that Living Presence.  Yet, most of us know how often we need to be reminded of God dwelling within.

Between personal life issues, difficult workplace encounters, and finding time for things like exercise and eating healthy, one can get pretty bogged down. It can be hard to step away and be for a while. We, as an organization, want to help provide you with exactly that, a place to step away and just be for a while. 

Very often by the time an APM meeting rolls around, I feel out of touch with this inner Living Presence. I sometimes doubt my effectiveness as a pastoral minister and can start to feel alone in my work. When I attend a meeting, something happens within the community of pastoral ministers. It is a place to create space and be renewed by this Living Presence, and my heart softens. It is a place where I encounter others who are speaking my same “language” and facing similar workplace challenges. It is a place where I am affirmed in my call as Pastoral Minister. 

You see, when we gather together, we become Living Presence for each other. It is an opportunity for the minister to be ministered to. The paschal mystery is alive and well in these encounters.  From the paschal mystery we may gain a new perspective in our personal or work life. This perspective may be just what is needed to approach the situation with renewed compassion, grace, and creativity.

This year, we want to focus more deliberately on the Living Presence in us and among us. The Living, Redeeming Presence that reminds us who we are, children of the Living God, children of the Living Presence.   Bringing us from sorrow to joy and giving us strength to be Living Presence for others.

Won’t you come join us?

Amy Chabot, APM Chair 2018-2019

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