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1985    Pat Durkin
1986    Ann Pierce
1987    Lalande Hennen, SSND
1988    Joanne Tromiczak-Neid
1989    Avis Allmaris, CSJ
1990    Cordelia Korkowski, OSF
1991    Shirley Mueller, OSF
1992    Diana Pauling
1993    Corinne Cavanaugh
1994    Paulissa Jirik, SSND
1995    Veronica Novotny, OSB
1996    Carrie Kemp
1997    Mary Robinson
1998    Sarah Keenan, OSF
1999    Lynette Friesen, SSND
2000    Mary Jane Brennan, IHM
2001    Josetta Marie Spenser,     SSND
2002    Martha Alken, OP
2003    Chris Sorensen Woodside
2004    Sally Guiney
2005    Shirley Rowley
2006    Sandie Williams
2007    Adaire Lassonde, SSND
2008    Mary Bosscher
2009    Deanna Donahue, SSND
2010     Bonnie Wek
*2011*  An award for excellence in

             pastoral ministry

             was presented to Father

             Dale Korogi in place

             of a Mary Mulheron Award presentation.
2012    Jamie Moloney
2013    Sr. Anne Becker, SSND
2014    Mary Ann Kelly-Wright

2015    Kathleen Conrad

2016    Mary Brady

2017    Joan Apt

2018    Lisa Amos

2019    LauraRose Paradis

2020   *Honorary Award to Pat

            Williams who died

            March 2, 2020

2020    Beryl Schewe

2021    Lori Hannasch

2022    Marge Virnig

The Mary Mulheron award recognizes a lay ecclesial minister who is a current APM member for excellence in pastoral care ministry.


To nominate, you must be a current APM member.  To proceed with nomination, log in and go to Members Only.




A recipient of a Mary Mulheron Award is a lay ecclesial minister and is a current APM member who:


1.    is dedicated to pastoral ministry

2.    demonstrates competence as a pastoral minister and a willingness to empower others to hear their own call to ministry

3.    demonstrates personal and professional qualities such as prayerfulness, empathy, compassion, patience, flexibility, sense of humor

4.    integrates academic theological understandings with pastoral insights and skills

5.    is able to use financial assistance for further education or creative projects

This person brings competence, compassion, creativity, and credibility to the profession of pastoral ministry.

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