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Preamble to By-Laws


We, the members of the Association of Pastoral Ministers, recognize and declare that we have been called by God and commissioned by a local church, hospital, institution or organization to provide pastoral care to God’s people in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.



Approved August 2009


Article I.        Title

The name of this organization shall be the Association of Pastoral Ministers of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, herein called APM.


Article II.      Purpose and Functions

APM shall foster quality ministry by promoting mutual relationships and support among its members by:


a) Providing opportunities for professional development and in-service formation,


b) Exchanging ideas concerning pastoral ministry and the implementing of these ideas,


c) Exploring the trends of pastoral ministry,


d) Formulating and recommending viable personnel policies and guidelines which affect the professional status of pastoral ministers, through the Coalition of Ministries and the utilization of its professional Code of Ethics and Competency Standards,


e) Promoting cooperation with all appropriate persons, agencies and organizations.


Article III.    Membership


Membership in APM shall be open to those individuals involved in pastoral ministry.  The annual membership fee shall be determined by the Executive Board.  This membership entitles the individual member to voting status in the organization and participation in the educational opportunities in APM.


Article IV.     Officers and Their Duties


Section One.  The officers of APM shall be a Chairperson, a Chairperson-Elect, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.  Officers shall be installed at the spring meeting of each year.  They shall take office at the close of that meeting.


The Secretary and Treasurer may serve one-year terms, renewable.  The officers shall perform the duties defined by these By-Laws and shall assume such additional duties as prescribed by the membership of the Executive Board.


Section Two.  The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings of APM and of the Executive Board and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees including voting privileges.  She/he shall be responsible for the appointment of all special committees.  The Chairperson shall be the principal representative and spokesperson for APM.  The Chairperson shall also insure implementation of ongoing programs and studies within APM.


Section Three.  The Chairperson-Elect shall preside at official meetings in the absence of the Chairperson.  She/he shall be responsible for the Calling Forth of Leadership process.  The Chairperson-Elect shall automatically assume the responsibility of Chairperson for the following year.


Section Four.  The secretary shall be responsible for the issuance of notices and agendas of meetings, as well as the distribution of all minutes.  The Secretary shall conduct, receive and dispose of all correspondence as directed by the Executive Board or the Chair.


Section Five.  The Treasurer shall arrange for the custody of all funds in a depository approved by the Executive Board.  The Treasurer shall maintain a record of all financial transactions, shall present periodic financial reports of receipts and expenditures, and at the close of the fiscal year shall present a financial report for the year accompanied by a balance sheet and an income and expense statement.  The Treasurer may be bonded in the amount determined by the Executive Board.  She/he shall be responsible for keeping accurate membership records.


Article V.      Committees/Delegates


Section One.  The Executive Board shall be responsible for the general management and direction of APM.  The Executive Board shall be composed of the officers of APM, the Chairperson(s) of Standing Committees, and the Delegates to the Coalition of Ministry Association.  The members of the executive Board shall serve for one year, renewable.  The Coalition Delegates serve, corresponding to their coalition term of three years.  If an Executive Board position is vacated during the term, the APM Chair may appoint a successor in consultation with the Executive Board.  The immediate past Chairperson shall be a member of the Executive Board.


Section Two.  The past Chairperson(s) of APM may be called upon as individuals or as a group of past chairs to act as consultants giving continuity and creativity to the discussion and decision-making.


Section Three.  APM shall have the following Standing Committees/Delegates/Representatives:


a) The Communication Committee will be responsible for the dissemination of information within APM and for public relations between APM and other appropriate organizations and the communications media.


b) The Hospitality Committee will be responsible for welcoming and hosting at the APM meetings.


c) The Program Committee will be responsible for generating creative ways of meeting the purposes and junctions of the Association through planning and carrying out the programs of APM meetings.


d) The Spirituality Committee will be responsible for creating prayer experiences for the APM meetings and for planning the annual APM day of prayer and reflection.


e) Delegates to the Coalition of Ministry Associations of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis will be responsible, as members of the Coalition, for attending the Coalition meetings as representatives of APM and for facilitating dialogue between the two groups.


Section Four.  Ad Hoc Committees and Task Forces shall be created by the Executive Board, as may be found necessary to carry on the work of the Association.


Article VI.     Calling Forth Leadership


Leadership of APM shall be determined by a Calling Forth Process established by the Executive Board.  All members of APM are invited to be a part of this process.  When more than one person is willing to serve in a leadership position, a discernment process will take place.  Leadership positions to be called forth are: APM Chair-elect, Secretary, Treasurer, the delegates to the Coalition of Ministries, Chairpersons of the Standing Committees and committee members.


Article VII.   Meetings


Section One.  Regular meetings of the membership, including the annual meeting, shall be held four times a year.  The Annual Meeting of APM shall be in the spring.  At that meeting the members of the Executive Board shall be installed.


Section Two.  Special meetings of APM may be called by the Chairperson at the direction of the Executive Board.  Notices shall be mailed to the membership ten days in advance and shall state the purpose of the meeting.


Section Three.  Ten percent of the total membership of APM shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at meetings.  It shall be sufficient for a majority vote of those present to enact or pass any motion or other decision unless these By-Laws provide otherwise.  Cumulative voting and voting by proxy shall not be allowed.  Each voting member shall be entitled to one vote.


Section Four.  Meetings of the Executive Board shall be the following:


a) The Executive Board shall meet between the regular meetings of the membership.


b) One-half the members of the Executive Board constitute a quorum.


c) Notice of meetings shall be given to all members of the Executive Board at least seven days prior to the meeting.


d) Other meetings of the Executive Board may be called by the Chairperson.


Article VIII  Finances


Section One.  The fiscal year of APM shall begin on July 1 and end on June 30 of the following year.


Section Two.  All funds received by APM shall be credited to APM and placed in depositories approved by the Executive Board.  All checks drawn by APM shall be disbursed on such approvals and signatures as the Executive Board may determine.


Article IX     Amendments


These By-Laws may be altered, amended or repealed at any meeting of the membership of APM by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting, provided that the proposed action and an explanation of such action be inserted in the notice of such meeting.

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