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Gather the Fragments

By Sister Mary Anne Schaenzer, SSND

Why are there fragments?

Why is anything left over when we started with so little to feed so many? What are the leftover fragments in our lives? When is it that we think that we have nothing or little to give?

When is it that we have to dig deep to find something to give, to find the energy with which to reach out, to find the strength to be courageous and generous, to find the faith to believe in ourselves enough to go beyond how we feel to reach out to others?

What are the leftover fragments?

Do we have joy within – left over from a beautiful experience? We could share that joy with others.

Do we have a feeling of accomplishment - left over from a successful project into which we put so much effort? We could encourage another person to persevere in their challenging project.

Do we have a sense of being loved because of a rich family or friend relationship? We could pay attention to another person for just a few minutes, maybe just listening to what they would like to share.

Gather the fragments and give them away. There will be more tomorrow.

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