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APM Banquet 2019 - Celebrating Pastoral Ministers: Living Presence

2019 APM Mary Mulheron Award Winner is...

LauraRose Paradis!

LauraRose is a board certified chaplain whose current role is at the listening house of the Dorothy Day center for Catholic Charities. On Mondays she listens and on Fridays she makes minor sewing repairs to the clients' clothing and backpacks. Her ministry has dual emotional/spiritual and physical support components to it.


LauraRose Pardis, Mary Ann Kelly-Wright.
LauraRose Paradis, husband, friends.jpg
APM Banquet Speaker: Mary Kaye Medinger
"Meeting" Mary Mulheron Across Time and Space

2019 St. Catherine University Mary Mulheron Student Award Winner is ...

Claire Kranz!

Claire graduated from St. Kate's this May with a Master of Arts in Theology degree and a Pastoral Ministry Certificate.  Her long term ministry goal is to work in Campus Ministry.  Right now, she has been hired as a half-time teacher of high school religion at her own old high school, Visitation High School in Mendota Heights. Claire is very excited to "put her theological learning to work"!


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APM Banquet Attendees
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