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Mary Mulheron Award 2022

Marge Virnig

Here are a few of the words used in the introduction of this years winner:

When I received this nomination, I had to check to be sure the nominee hadn’t won already.  I have always admired the grace with which she encounters her professional and personal life, her quick humor, and, as a fellow knitter, a bit of awe at both her creativity and talent, and a disbelief that she only has the same 24 hours in a day that the rest of us do.


In addition to her pastoral ministry to the sick, dying, and grieving, she also does liturgy prep, formation for baptism and marriage, annulment ministry, and brings both spiritual formation and countless programs and ministries to her parish. 


A former pastor says, “Exhibits exactly the kind of warm welcome and accompaniment that Pope Francis highlights as a mission of the Church.”


Her humility veils from her what we all see so clearly once our professional or personal lives intersect with hers.  Her presence and commitment in and to the Church and her parish makes them better and makes all of those she touches through her ministry and friendship better for knowing her.


I’d like to end with fitting words from her former pastor, Fr, Mike Byron, who we remember in a special way tonight, “I can think of no one more deserving to receive this award, and I commend her most highly.  Through decades she has devoted herself generously and prayerfully to the work of ministry, and has touched many with her pastoral gifts.  I worked personally with her for years and have personally witnessed her exceptional kindness, wisdom, and skill.  APM will be selecting an outstanding person in Marge, representing the very best of what we all attempt to do as church.”


She would never imagine that she is exactly the kind of pastoral minister and disciple of Christ that this award is meant to honor, but I believe, as many of you will agree, that this is a long overdue honor that she deserves,

I give you, this year’s Mary Mulheron Award winner: Marge Virnig.


APM Chair

Lori Hannasch

Wisdom Wonder 1 - Made with PosterMyWall.jpg

Wisdom and Wonders in Ministry

Join APM board members Jean Thoresen and Barb Uschold Anderson

Thursday, June 2, 2022

3:00 to 4:00PM


Drop in and gather with other pastoral ministers from your desk or home to check-in, share ideas, gain insight and knowledge about a variety of topics.  It seems like weekly there’s a new wonder to tackle! As we continue to minister through Covid-19, and beyond: we are faced with several challenges.  Here we will share about best practices, protocols, prayer, and gain camaraderie and encouragement, etc.

We meet for an hour on Zoom, to check-in, pray, discuss & share, timely issues like: homebound ministry during Covid-19, funeral lunch changes, formation of volunteers, etc.

RSVP to Barb at barbua@saintjosephsparish.org to receive this month’s Zoom link.

We hope you can join us! If you know an active pastoral minister who has not yet joined APM--invite them to do so, as this is an excellent benefit for them.

About Us

APM is a community of caring people committed to the Church's human service ministries and the support of one another in those ministries.


The role of our members is one of leadership in calling people forth to respond to their baptism through ministry and in modeling new ways of ministering.


We are dedicated to nurturing relationships with individuals and organizations within the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis and beyond its boundaries.


We are a community of discernment seeking to discover and to implement ways that will strengthen and improve the quality of our ministry modeled after the life and teachings of Jesus.